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Raising children with love

Love, the bond between mother and baby is the most important foundation. In raising children Relationship building Emotional attachment Is the transfer of feelings to each other Raising children with love To build relationships with babies from birth There is a warm relationship between the baby and the caretaker. Whether it's a mother, father, grandmother, grandmother, it's the first social interaction that happens. Will create a mutual bond Therefore, developing or promoting such a relationship with the little ones starts from this point. That is caring and loving. Warmth is a good relationship. Makes the baby feel trust and trust in the family Which activities that moms can do with the baby are Kiss, touch, hold, hug and talk to children often. Infants of this age are most aware of touch. Mother, father should hold the baby up close, often touch the baby by holding, caressing, then gently rocking. When the baby is breast-feeding, talk directly to the baby, with the face no more than one foot apart. (Because the newborn still has a short vision range), which is the distance from the mother to the face of the baby while breastfeeding, calling the name, talking to the baby gently or talking in a gentle voice. The father himself is not a person. To breastfeed But there is an equally important role in carrying a baby, such as teasing, lulling, sleeping. The child will respond by paying attention, looking in the face, looking at the campaign. Responds to the needs of children instantly Mum and dad have to learn to observe the different facial expressions and cries of the children. When you want things such as when you're hungry, sleepy, when you want to hold you And should respond to the needs of the child consistently, quickly and appropriately, for example, holding, embracing, comforting when the child yells Respond when the child smiles. The immediate response to the emotional expressions and needs of children of this age makes them feel "safe" and develop attachment. Read books for children Mother, Father carried the child, sat down and read a book for the child. Choose modern books. Made of fabric or thick cardboard No sharp corners With large, colorful images Not too many details Read books with high and low voices. Children will be interested in the sounds and languages ​​that are rhythmic. Suggest the story from the pictures in the book Seeing the pictures in the book will help you connect the pictures to the spoken language through storytelling. Therefore, If the child has a good experience during this time Will be the basis for creating reading habits His future Began to cultivate discipline through daily activities when a child was one year old Mothers and caregivers should begin discipline through daily activities such as eating, sleeping regularly. By assigning meals that are consistent to children By preparing clean, nutritious food that is suitable for young age, our children will determine the amount of food in each meal according to their needs. Should not be forced to eat completely As determined by the adult Interact Talk with children during the feeding of children And train children to go to sleep at both day and night At this age, the child will sleep longer at night, should gradually put the child on his own bed. So that the child can escape by himself Which will allow the child to sleep by himself when waking up at night Having a consistent daily routine, children can predict what to do next. Will help to encourage the child to feel more secure Which is the basis of good social skills Play with the ball when in a good mood Mothers, caregivers should observe the mood of the baby. Play with the ball when the ball is ready When the baby's mood is clear Give the child a break when tired or irritated When the child is irritated Soothe him by gently lifting his body, patting the baby with gentle voice and face. Studies have been conducted in foreign countries that only 15% of success in IQ comes from life, but is due to personality factors. Treatment to others Having interpersonal relationships, that is, 85% of SQs are explained by some people with good intelligence. But not successful in work because it may not be able to adapt to society and others Raising children with love Giving and touching Communication of mothers, fathers and babies Create stable relationships and relationships. Is the foundation of safety And confidence that is "growing with love", which is an important basis for helping children develop their own. Ability to control emotions Development of social skills, image and good human relations with others when grown up Therefore, raising children with love. Therefore very important And to help promote these good skills for children since young

I started to cultivate discipline through daily routine when the child is one year old.

Parents, caregivers should start practicing discipline through daily routines such as eating, sleeping at regular intervals. By setting consistent meals for children. By preparing food that is good value for our children will determine the amount of meals each meal according to their own needs. Should not force to eat. As adults Interaction Talk to your baby during feeding. And practice your baby to sleep at night and day. This baby will sleep longer at night. Should be placed on the mattress itself. To have children themselves. This will allow the child to fall asleep when waking up at night. To have a consistent routine. Every day, you can predict what to do. It helps to keep your child safe. This is the basis of good social skills.

Play with the baby when the mood is good.

Parents, foster parents should observe the emotions of the baby. Play with the ball when the ball is ready. When emotions are clear. Give your child a break when tired or irritated. When the ball is irritated Comfortably with a rocking chair, gently rub the ball with gentle, gentle voice and face.

Source: Amarin Baby & Kid Books